WOMEN'S ROLE DURING WORLD WAR IIHow did the role of women in the United States change during World War II?

During World War II, the roles of women had a gigantic transformation. They went from being housewives to being on a professional womens league.

Everything in society would be greatly impacted by World War II, including sports. Baseball team owners had finally come up with an idea. This was to give women the oppurtunity to play baseball on a national league.

One of the first professional women's baseball leagues were founded in 1942; by the gum (Wrigley's Gum) and chicago cubs owner, Philip K. Wrigley. He believed that the survival of baseball depended on women now.

At this time, women began wearing pants and it was no longer offensive. They were also paid well. Philip invested $100,000 to start the league. He also put $22,500 towards four first year teams.

Because of the traveling restrictions, near cities were chosen. The four cities that were chosen were: South Bend, Indiana; Kenosha and Racine, Wisconsin; and Rockford Illinois. The government gave families 3 gallons of gas per week. Now Mr. Philip K. Wrigley's plan was coming together. Now what he needed were players

Wrigley had recruiters going to schools, village churches, and organized sport places to gather up players. Most players were found at GAA, Girls Athletic Assosiation. On May 26 1943, the teams were announced and games began the following summer right after spring training.

These women and they're teams were supported by everyone around them. Baseball became a big part of the war because it kept people interested in daily activites.

Finally, in 1945 the war completely ended. Things definitely did change for the worse. By 1948, the All American Girls Professional Baseball League had reached its highest point and it would now decrease. Attendance in the players went down and eventually, women quit. After this, unemployment rose and women could not find jobs, esspecially in the winter. The leagues tried to expand, but too many people dropped and then many teams went into debt. From 1949 - 1951, the womens league gradually dwindled to nothing.

22382-clip-art-graphic-of-a-baseball-cartoon-character-with-welcoming-open-arms-by-toons4biz.jpgWar, Women and Baseball...

1.) Q: What were the roles of women before World War II?
A: Before World War II, the roles of women was to keep a household together. Which consisted of cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children and everything in bvetween.
2.) Q: What was the reason for the roles of women to change?
A: During World War II, men from all around were drafted to war. On December 7, 1941; Pearl Harbor was attacked. This means that soon there would be shortagesof food, clothing and various other necessities. America now depended on women to provide for their families.

3.) Q: What jobs did women do after the men were drafted to war?
A: Women now began to work in factories producing war goods. They built things such as tanks, airplanes, and ships.

jjj.jpg4.) Q: What did women do in order to contribute to the sports community?
A: Baseball became a big challenge now. The president of the national league actually wanted to end baseball because he thought that it would lose him money.
People like Philip K. Wrigley, cared about the future of baseball. He decided to form his own professional women baseball league.

5.) What type of baseball were the women playing?
Women began playing a mix hardball and softball. Underhand pitches of a 12 - inch ball and a 65 - foot base path stayed the same, but runners were allowed to steal a base and lead off.

Did you know that...

1.)Who created the womens league? .
First AAGPBL palyers signed in 1943.

Walter Harvey.

2.)When did the womens baseball league start? .

It started in 1943.

3.)Why did Walter Harvey decide to organize a Womens Baseball League? .

WW2 threatened to shut down Major League Baseball so he made a womens team instead to make money.

4.)How did people like the Womens Baseball League when it first started? .

People hated it and didnt want it to continue past its first season.

5.)Why did people start to like the Womens Baseball League? .

One of the team mates caught the baseball while doing a SPLIT and th picture was put on the front of a magazine.