Women's Roles During World War II: Towards the end of the Great Depression, the foreign axis country known as Germany had invaded Poland. This is what officially started WWII. During this time of need for the recovery of the U.S.'s economy, men started to head out from their jobs and continue it on the battlefield. This left barely any men around to do hard labor specifically for them and gave way to the era of women's hard labor during WWII.

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In the summer of 1942, the United States Of America had become fearful about the certainty of war, given the fact that the tragic events of Pearl Harbor had still seared their minds with hatred. By this time, the vast majority of men in the workplace had all dissapeared as they were to fight overseas. In response to this situation, several women volunteer organizations such as the USO stepped in to lend a helping hand to the solidiers in need. From hosting welcoming parties to working for an evacution unit as a nurse, women did all they could in this time period. Some women took in factory jobs as a means to compensate for the absence of male labor in the workplace, while others played their own kind of big league baseball in an attempt to bring in money for the war.

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Although many women were filling in for men in the workplace, they did countless other jobs that gave men more respect and gratitude towards them. World War II caused many problems for america but ended up with numerous significant outcomes that not only benefitted the country, but also benefitted women as equals in the workplace to men.