Women's role during World War II

"Women who stepped up were measured as citizens of the nation, not as women… this was a people’s war, and everyone was in it."
-Colonel Ovetaculp hobby

This meant that since women before WWII women were only supposed to cook, clean and stay home to take care of their kids. But when WWII began all men were sent to fight in the war, on land, in water and through air. Women working instead of men’s providing them with materials required in the war.

Women have been working and spending most of their time in factories during the war. Majority of the families lived with each other but the grandparents were the ones who usually ended up taking care of the kids. Women such as my mother for example were always working instead of men in factories.

During WWII, most of the men were shipped off overseas to the fight in the war.With that being done women had to take over the jobs that the men used to do things like, auto-mechanics,carpentry, and and welding.The women sadly were payed less then men,and when the war was finally over the women were all laid of and the men took their places back in their jobs.



"There never will be complete equality until women themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers."

Susan B. Anthony

In other words what Susan B. Anthony is saying that the women have to fight for themselves in order to gain equal rights.
“No matter how the world changes, no matter what country and social system people live, no one can deny women's importance in history."

-Kamalpreet Kaur


What types of jobs did women take over in World War II?
• Most they seem to stay home with the children considering the number of men that were military. Women worked in factories and manufacturing jobs ammunition for the war because all of the men were at war. Women basically took most men's job while they were off to war fighting.
• In addition, some joined the armed forces. There were women snipers, machine gunners, tank drivers, scouts, and just about everything else needed for our military. The unfortunate thing is, when the men came back from war most women lost their jobs and thus, women started to really fight for their rights. Women had a good awakening and realized they were more useful than just staying home cleaning the house, cooking and looking after children.

Women served in many positions in direct support of military efforts.
Figures for women serving with the American military in World War II:
· Army - 140,000
· Navy - 100,000
· Marines - 23,000
· Coast Guard - 13,000
· Air Force - 1,000
· Army and Navy Nurse Corps - 74,000
More than 1,000 women served as pilots working with the US Air Force in the WASP but were considered civil service workers, and weren't recognized for their military service until the 1970s.

The United States Government used propaganda to recruit women on men's jobs.
DISPLACEMENT OF WOMEN AFTER WORLD WAR II "I think a lot of women said, Screw that noise.'Cause they had a taste of freedom, they had a taste of making their own money, a taste of spending their own money, making their owndecisions. I think the beginning of the women'smovement had its seeds right there in World War Two."

– Dellie Hahne, worked as a nurse's during the war.

The end of World War II was a turning point for women because when men came back they took
over jobs and women once again went back to being house wives. But they did realize that they could do more than house work, they can work just as same as men if not better in some cases. It also made them realize that if they want to be equal in this society they have to speak up.
Women have been fighting since 1776 to gain rights, back then they wanted the right to vote, to the fact that they did not stand up to their right, women’s did not get the right to vote till 1920. Women got the right to vote more than 100 yrs later, relevant to the fact that this country is called a democratic government granting everyone equal.