Remembering JackieJackie Robinson should be remembered for many reasons but mostly for his courageousness on and off the baseball field. He should be noted as the first African American player in the Major Leagues and the man that is responsible for breaking the color barrier. Robinson was also a great player aside from being the first black person to play in the MLb. He had a career batting average of .311, scored 947 runs and was a great baserunner which he proved when he stole home against the New York Yankees in the 1955 World Series. The Brooklyn Dodgers won the World Series and Robinson played a huge role in doing so. He was about equality, morality, injustice, and about ending the discrimination of blacks for over 60 years, that is what seperates Jackie Robinson from many other people and that is what he should be remembered for.


Changing the United StatesJackie Robinsons accomplisments have changed the United States in various ways. The biggest change is that people of all races and ethnicities are allowed to play in the Major Leagues without being discriminated like he was. Also, after Robinson won the Rookie of the Year award, the award was named after Robinson and every player that wins this award now understands the history and pretige of it. Robinson was a Civil Rights activist and played a key role in helping AfricanAmericans get equal rights. He gave other blacks the courage that they could do whatever they set their mind to and overcome obstacles such as racism and segragation.